Thursday, 21 May 2009

REVIEW - MAC Red and Kanga Rouge

Sorry for the short silence again, things keep popping up and preventing me from reviewing. Back to lipsticks now after my last review was on lipglosses, I want to stay true to the title of this blog while popping in other things inbetween.


This review is on a permanent MAC lipstick and a recent limited edition one. The permanent being MAC's self titled MAC Red (below left), and the limited being Kanga Rouge (below right), from the Dame Edna range earlier this year.

MAC Red is a lipstick of mixed reviews on Makeupalley: some say it's their perfect red and I can see that it's a lovely vivid blue-red colour in the tube as well as a lovely formula (satin).

However, others (like me) have noticed how it turns a bright fuschia pink on their lips.
I have a cool yellow undertone to my skin, so maybe this affects it, I don't know, but this is one of the popular permanent reds with the highest amount of people complaining it has turned pink on them, so beware - try before you buy.

Kanga Rouge isn't for the faint hearted - a shiny, bright blue-toned red, perfect for show offs who want to be centre of attention like Dame Edna Everage herself.

It reminds me of those bright red rose petals as it has a hint of pink in it, but a good amount of pink, not like the overbearing pink tone that MAC Red has on many people. On me, it doesn't look too pink but I do find it's formula rather shiny as I prefer mattes.

(L-R, MAC Red and Kanga Rouge)

Conclusion - People who dislike the dryness of matte lipsticks will love either of these 2 as they both have moisterising properties to them and shouldn't dry your lips out too much. Especially Kanga Rouge was is incredibly shiny compared to MAC Red's silky formula.

This means that neither last as long as mattes, in particular Kanga Rouge's lasting power isn't too good as it's a cremesheen formula and I find cremesheen's never last very long. MAC Red's isn't too bad but compared to mattes like Ruby Woo, Russian Red, and Viva Glam, it loses in terms of how long it stays on.

I definitely suggest those wanting to try out MAC Red to try before you buy as it turns pink on soooo many people. I don't think the colour is unique really as drugstore brand reds also turn too pink like MAC Red does.
Kanga Rouge has pink tones but I have never seen it turn too pink on me, though i suggest you wear it with a true red lipliner to stop it fading pink, which I think may happen. If you like glossy reds, then Kanga Rouge is for you.


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