Tuesday, 28 July 2009

REVIEW - NYX Black Cherry

I'm loving NYX right now, everything I've tried by them has been great quality for a tiny price. I like their cute eyeshadow singles, wonderful blusher, and of course, their lipsticks. My favourite is Snow White, a vampy deep red with a slight brown undertone and I expected more of the same when I tried Black Cherry recently.

(L-R - NYX Black Cherry & Snow White)

I got the Round lipstick formula, which is a cheaper than their Black Label range but still brilliant quality. As I found with Snow White previously, the lasting power is pretty impressive, though I found Black Cherry wasn't as pigmented as Snow White was. It is a little bit more sheer, but that's OK.

For some reason, I thought the colours would be similar, but maybe darker in Black Cherry's case. And although Black Cherry was indeed darker in tone, Snow White looked much more bolder as a statement due to the great pigmentation and brighter shade.
Black Cherry is almost like a thick stain on your lips after eating far too many coloured cherries. the colour reminds me of the red inside the cherries (as the name suggests) but in lipstick form.

(L-R- NYX Black Cherry & Snow White)

I did like this lipstick, but for me, there wasn't enough red in it. It looked slightly too berry/purple on me, which is a shade I can get in many drugstore brands.Though if you are after a dark berry red, this is a cheaper and better bet than other drugstore brands as the quality and price are so much better.

I look forward to trying more NYX round lipsticks, I'm very interested in Hebe and Electra; 2 other reds. It's a shame NYX isn't available in the UK, their quality is great and it isn't fair that Wet'n'Wild, another US brand, is available and I haven't been impressed with their products at all.
NYX, you need to do something about this as the Brits would love your brand!



  1. that Black cherry lipstick looks very sultry, in a dark way I think. I wish you would try it on, so I could see the color better.

    I think NYX roundlipsticks have great colors, but I think they wear off very easily, so reapplying is a must!they're great for the price though!

  2. I have tried the snow white lipstick but didn't like it too much. I did try the Dazzling red lip gloss and lipstick, which i did like. I love your reviews though.