Saturday, 25 April 2009

REVIEW: SHEER REDS - NYC Sheer Red and Pout Precious

As I have discussed some fairly bold reds so far, I am now going to talk about sheer reds. These are a great alternative to full cover lipsticks and are less full-on, making them perfect for a daytime look that still looks glam, but not TOO glam. They also look great with smokey eyes as sometimes full red lips can be too overpowering with dark eyes.

Here, we have Pout Beloved on the left and New York Color's Sheer Red on the right. First, we shall look at the NYC lipstick as that is the one that is most readily available. For a sheer lipstick, it crams in quite a lot of colour but remains faithful and is transparent.

It has a nice brown tone to it, meaning when applied on the lips it does not go pink like a lot of sheer reds do. Fading is prone, but this is no suprise and no problem seeing the lipstick costs a mere £3 GBP in Superdrug in the UK, and even less in the US. All in all, it is a stunning shade for a sheer colour, making it more than just a lipbalm.

Pout's Precious appears to be more of a lipbalm than a lipstick, with it applying a reddish toned pink. It also has some small glitter particles in it, which seem to stay on your lips after the lipstick has faded, which can either be annoying or great depending on what you like. Pout lipsticks have a very strong fruity scent, which I think is lovely but it may not be everyone's cup of tea, just to warn you.

The color isn't bad though, it's just a slightly reddist version of my own lips, like I've been eating watermelons or strawberries. The texture is creamy, meaning your lips aren't as prone to drying.

Pout has been discontinued now, sadly. It was a high end British brand with the most adorable products and packaging. However, if you go on, many products are still available on there for discount prices - waaay cheaper than they were when the brand was still going.

Pout also claims to have an ingredient in all lip products that boosts the size of your lips slightly if you use it enough, so I do recommend you try get hold of one of their products. Their brush sets are amazing, too.

Conclusion - It's hard to compare them both as they are quite different in colour, so it depends what you are looking for. NYC Sheer Red is more of a lipstick because of the pigmentation and general colour, so if you're looking for a toned down red, that may be your best bet.

Pout Precious' colour is more natural than that of the NYC lipstick, a fruity red-pink , so if thats more your thing then I would suggest that. The only thing I can think could be a problem is Precious doesn't differentiate from normal tinted lipbalms that much, bar the lip-boosting qualities... it's just a tinted lipbalm in a posh tube really, so myself, I would rather try another product from the range rather than this.

I am going to do a review later on a full cover red lippie by Pout, so keep your eye out for that in the near future.

(Top to Bottom - NYC Sheer Red and Pout Precious)

My next review will either be the US lipsticks I discussed earlier (if one of them shows up), a few Limited Edition MAC Frost finish lipsticks, or NARS Shanghai Express. So look out for that towards the middle of next week.


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